It’s super FREAKy

You may have heard about the FREAK exploit that has been talked about lately, and you might think you are secure using the bank app, or medical records app that you downloaded directly from the Apple Store or Google Play.

A new study just released has shown that isn’t quite the  case, as the FREAK exploit is based on the encryption keys that the server you connect to, not the App on the phone alone.

Ars Technica has an article about the study, and points out that users of apps should contact the vendors to inquire wether they have corrected the app to prevent FREAK attacks.


1 – Upgrade your phone to the latest versions, as they have tried to prevent a vast majority of FREAK attacks in the latest versions.  The study found that even after the update on iOS, there were still 7 apps that were vulnerable.

2 – Don’t trust public wifi for secure transactions – you never know when the guy or girl next to you at the library is actually trying to hack your bank account.

Panda antivirus mistakenly flags itself as malware, bricks PCs

In the OOOPS department:

Panda Software – the makers of Panda Antivirus released an update that detected itself as malware, and quarantined itself – resulting in users being unable to start their machines.  Panda released a new definitions file immediately, but users have been warned that the problem might recur.

from ZDNet

URL in the lower corner of Chrome

let’s try the “help me clayton” .. i have read a little about it already and it seems to be a bug in chrome itself. maybe you know about it too. when i use chrome in the lower left corner a url keeps showing when i move my cursor over a picture or button.

That is actually a feature that shows you where links are supposed to take you.  However the problem is that when you click on the full screen button in a video, it keeps displaying the URL over the video screen on Windows versions of Chrome.
There are a number of work arounds that have varying degrees of success, but the folks on the Chrome development team have acknowledged this as a bug and have a fix waiting for the next release of Chrome……so stay tuned