And so it begins

Welcome to 2015…a whole new year with new opportunities.

After years and years of people telling me I should take on additional clients to help them with their computer needs, I have decided to take this step and create this website.

A little bit about me:  I have been a small business computer consultant for the last 30 years, my skills have developed in an eclectic, unplanned way.  I have worked with dozens of operating systems, network operating systems, database management packages, programming languages, etc.

The underlying theme has been doing what “they” say can’t be done.

Along the way I picked up a plethora of system administration skills that can now help you with your computer problems.  Windows? No Problem!  Mac? I have been a user since 1986.  Want to explore Linux? I can recommend a flavor to best suit your desires.  Solaris? Unixware? yep – I can manage them too.  Novell server giving you a headache?  I can help there too.

Along the way I have held numerous “day jobs” some directly computer related, others where I used my tech skills to enhance my non-tech job.  Currently I am Senior System Administrator for a law firm in Fort Lauderdale.

SO if you are having a problem with your computers, just send me a message by clicking my link in the right side column and say Help Me Clayton!